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Texas fibers fully processed in U.S.A. 

Kristal and Glenn Spenrath with their daughter Alex are continuing a family tradition of raising fine haired Angora goats and fine wool Merino sheep. Kristal and Glenn are both fourth generation ranchers who have dedicated themselves to ranching in the Texas Hill Country where conditions can sometimes be rough and unpredictable. The Angora goat and Merino sheep continue to be the answer to sustainable agriculture in the Texas Hill Country. The sheep and goats can make use of the often times sparse and brushy grazing conditions that are prevalent in Central Texas. The sheep and goats can help turn an unusable pasture into a place where cattle, horses and wildlife can thrive. Angora goats and Merino sheep are an excellent source of a renewable resource producing wool and mohair for many years.

While passionately pursuing their American dream they are working with other American families to fulfill this dream. These families include Kristal's father, James Stotts of Stotts Ranch, who raises the finest mohair in the world. The Hillingdon Ranch, run by Robin and Carol Giles and their son Grant with his wife Misty, help to provide the 18 micron Merino wool used in Krazy Goat Socks. Shearers from Mills County Texas are used for shearing the goats and the sheep. Bollman of San Angelo, Texas washes the wool and mohair prior to sending it to be combed. Kraemer Textiles, a fifth generation combing mill, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania makes the yarn for Krazy Goat Socks. Shawn Malloy of Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works helped us to develop the socks and Robinson Hosiery of Valdesse, North Carolina makes the Krazy Goat Socks. Using American businesses to make Krazy Goat Socks helps to fulfill not just our dreams but many other American family's dreams as well. And it allows for another generation to continue in their family's businesses.


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