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Frequently Asked Questions

Texas fibers fully processed in U.S.A. 

Will these socks itch?
No! The kid mohair we use is 25 micron and is very soft and comfortable against the skin. The merino wool we use is 18 microns and is considered 100% comfortable.

What is a micron?
Micron is the measurement of an objects diameter. With animal fibers the smaller the micron number, the softer and more comfortable it will feel against the skin.  Here are some other animal fiber microns for comparison:
Animal Fiber Diameter
Alpaca (Suri)
Musk Ox (Qiviut)
Angora Rabbit
Cashmere (goat)
Yak Down
Merino (sheep)
Mohair (goat)
Alpaca (Huacaya)
Llama (Tapada)
Llama (Ccara)
6-10 microns
10-15 microns
11-13 microns
13 microns
15-19 microns
15-19 microns
16-18 microns
12-20 microns
21 microns
25-45 microns
27.7 microns
20-30 microns
30-40 microns
Source: International Llama Association

What if I am not satisfied with these socks?
We would love to hear why you are not satisfied and as long as the socks have not been worn we will return your money. Contact us about returns at

What is the shipping charge?:
For one to five pairs of socks, the shipping charge is $5.  For six or more pairs purchased, the shipping is free.
Products will be shipped either USPS or UPS.
For quantity discounts email


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