Krazy Goat Socks



Texas fibers fully processed in U.S.A. 

What makes Krazy Goat Socks so special?
First, we start with 25 micron kid mohair and 18 micron wool. This fineness of both fibers makes an extremely soft and itchless sock. The mohair and wool fibers have the natural qualities of being able to wick moisture away quickly which helps to insulate your feet from both heat and cold. Both have a high tensile strength and are therefore extremely durable. They are naturally elastic, being able to stretch and come back to their original shape. Combined with the moisture wicking properties of Hydrotec you can be assured to have dry feet. The added silver technology enhances the natural antibacterial properties of the wool ensuring that you won't suffer from any foot odor.

Krazy Crew Sock

Note:  Brown Tweed no longer available

Shipping:  $7 shipping on 1-5 pairs of socks; 6 or more pairs - free shipping
For quantity discounts email

Grey Tweed Mohair Socks

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